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Did you watch the State of the Union address last night?  It seemed like there was no way to avoid it whether you watched it on television or streaming live from WhiteHouse.gov, C-Span, PBS’s News Hour, Ustream, and even Facebook.  Twitter got in on the action, with hashtags #SOTU, #StateoftheUnion, #baracktalk, and #Obama trending last night.  As E.B. Boyd aptly put it:

The real party was online. It was a massive demonstration of how the conversation in politics is shifting, from a one-way affair controlled jointly by politicans and the media, to both a two-way dialogue between pols and constituents and a many-to-many free-for-all between any and all who care to dive in.

If for some reason you did miss it, here’s the full speech courtesy of PBS’s News Hour and more links:

Post-SOTU videos and transcripts:

Finally, if you wondered what a word cloud of the speeches last night looks like, Fast Company met that burning need.