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Courtesy of New York Times, J. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press

I turned to my boss at the same time as she did to me. “Did you feel that?” For 30 seconds, we felt the building shake. Her plant did not stop moving for another minute.  As someone who was in the city at the time of 9/11, shakes and tremors are not something I take lightly. I looked outside my 23rd floor window. There was no panic in the streets, which was comforting.

The building announcement on the P.A. system was not comforting.  The voice said the building indeed shook and management was investigating.  A minute later: “The shaking was citywide; I repeat, citywide.” Not comforting at all.

Traditional news media was not updated, so naturally I looked to Facebook to tell me what happened. Statuses from friends all over and down to DC reported an tremor, then an earthquake.

The best status of the day, simply because it relieved the tension, was from poet/comedian Regie Cabico: “WTF this is like an m.night shyamalan film!” He had posted about feeling a tremor in the streets and that, “it was as if aliens were stomping the roof of the dc center on u street. people walked out of the banks, fast food places, & stores. staring into the sky…”

Despite the levity, I do wish everyone on the Eastern Seaboard well, especially those in Virginia.

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