“He had drawn a bunch of the Thomas the Tank Engine characters—and he had figured out tools I hadn’t shown him. The drawings were crude, but the willingness to explore his creativity through software got me thinking. Then the dots began to connect: social outlet + creative mentor + technology + focus on area of interest. That’s basically what Islands of Brilliance is.”

– Mark Fairbanks talks about how he came up with pilot art mentoring program for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Fairbanks has a son who was diagnosed with autism before age of three and responded to  Thomas the Tank Engine as his subject of perseverance.

More on Islands of Brilliance: http://islandsofbrilliance.org

Feature article for fundraiser this past November 4th:
Islands of Brilliance: How Thomas the Tank Engine can help fight autism | City Life | Feature | The A.V. Club Milwaukee.