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My morning so far…

ME: “balance of Conservative and Progressive seats on the highest court of the land is ideal for constructive, deepened discourse. As for Obama, he was a professor of constitutional law. I really don’t think you need to worry just because your agenda is threatened.”

FACEBOOK FRIEND: “That is exactly why I am worried he is a man that understands the law, and understands how best to underrmine it as well.”

ME: “You’re telling me that because President Obama graduated at the top of his class at the prestigious Harvard University and has a background of teaching constitutional law that he somehow cannot be trusted to use that hard-earned book knowledge for social good?”

[I am still awaiting a reply.]

[I’m sure his reply is coming.  Maybe he’s distracted by the PSY/MC Hammer video online.]


[Uh, looks like he’s going to be a while. I guess I’ll watch some Gangnam/Hammer Style in the meantime.]