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bruce lee

bruce lee (Photo credit: myrrh.ahn)

Since spontaneity is the spirit of life, I have declared this the first of my Bruce Lee Birthday Tributes.  I do not know any young Asian American (or any baby boomer Asian American) who hasn’t been touched by the inimitable Bruce Lee legacy.  It was hard enough for me to find female heroes as a kid growing up in the ’80s so I settled for Bruce Lee on Fox 5 on any random Saturday.  To my surprise, my father idolized him as a teenager in the Philippines.  A few VHS tapes and various documentary footage later, I was a lifelong fan.

Here is a quick starter video. Think of it as an appetizer before a greater feast. Blogger Phil Yu, A.K.A. Angry Asian Man, ranked his films in pretty much the same way I would have.  Enjoy.

P.S. In light of some unfortunate instances of Chuck Norris opening his mouth and verbally vomiting views unbefitting a Texas Walker Ranger this year, I suggest replaying the hair-pulling clips.